Colored Header Option for ChanCam Vinyl Sleeves

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Product Description

  • Option: 3/4" Colored Header
  • Add this product to your shopping cart to have a colored header added to your other product in your cart
  • For example: If you are purchasing 250 of Job Ticket Holder JT100X120M75Q250 and you would like a Red 3/4" header across the top then add 250 of product JT100X120M75Q250 and 250 of this product with "Red" in the color selector. You would then check out with 2 products in your cart and we will know the Red Color Header product is paired with the other product in your cart.
  • Current Color options:
    •   Red     
    •   Blue    
    •   Yellow  
    •   Clear - provides extra reinforcement along the top
  • Option Notes:
    • The total number of Colored Header products must equal the total number of products the header is for.
      Example: If you order 2 sets of 100 products you would need to order 2 sets of 100 colored headers.
    • Our Job Ticket Holder type sleeves come with a Clear Header so no need to order a Clear Header unless you want double header reinforcement.
  • We will soon have many of our other product options posted this same way so it is easy to just select the option(s) you would like for the main product you are purchasing
  • We are the manufacturer we can make the exact size, with the material and options you need
  • Exact Quantities above 1000 units by request
  • Mfg & Shipped in 3 days (Qty < 5000) depending on our stock of colored vinyl
    (larger quantities just require more mfg days)

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